Fruit Pie: Self-Portrait as Anita Bryant   3 minute participatory performance  Xerox prints/Artist book 8.5 x 5.5in, edition of 6 (first printing)  _  Anita Bryant is known for her singing voice, starring in orange juice commercials for the Florida Citrus Commission, and her anti-gay political activism. In 1977 Anita led a successful campaign to repeal an ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in Dade County, Florida, leading to successful repeals of similar local anti-discrimination ordinances around the United States. At a later televised press conference in Des Moines, Iowa regarding her political actions, Anita was “pied” in the face by protestors. She quipped, “Well at least it’s a fruit pie,” marking the  first recorded instance of a pieing as an act of political protest .  Fruit Pie: Self-Portrait as Anita Bryant  is a participatory re-staging of the Des Moines, Iowa press conference.    .

Fruit Pie: Self-Portrait as Anita Bryant