Nursed in Darkness

“A [person] must dream a long time in order to act with grandeur, and dreaming is nursed in darkness.”

 Jean Genet

To Genet, the limitless boundaries of dreams are only accessible by passing through and existing for a time in the absence of light. Nursed in Darkness addresses the transfiguring power of darkness shaped by Genet as well as the oral tradition of lullabies as a means of entering this abstract realm of consciousness. This immersive two-channel video and sonic installation becomes visible only as day transitions into night, necessitating the viewer’s presence during the darkest hours of the circadian cycle where dreams are nursed. Situated within Phytorio, a former greenhouse in the Nicosia Municipal Gardens of Cyprus, the work utilizes both the indoor and outdoor architecture of the space and grows from its history as a place of nurturing life. A slowly moving light first illuminates and then obscures breathing portraits projected on two exterior windows while a lullaby composed of every sitter’s voice and native language echoes on the hard surfaces of the building’s interior bricks, glass, and trusses. Owing also to the municipal gardens’ radical yet subversive queer history as a popular cruising site Nursed in Darkness is dedicated and given to its unseen audience: those seeking refuge, release, and new life in the night-soaked gardens.

Two-channel video, multi-channel audio, found architecture, fabric. 2018

Installation view: Phytorio, Nicosia Municipal Gardens. Nicosia, Cyprus.